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Meet Denny Le



Hello! My name is Denny Le with Stalder Realty Group.

I was born in San Jose, California. A couple months later, my parents found a great opportunity up North and we all excitedly moved to Vancouver, WA where I was raised. I learned how to ride a bicycle around Main Street at our first rental in west Vancouver, WA, and started off elementary school at Crestline. I finished elementary at Fisher’s Landing, went to Pacific Middle School and entered Mountain View High School as a freshmen.

After high school, I earned my Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering at Washington State University, Vancouver campus. After I successfully worked as a testing engineer for a number of years, my dad handed me a book that changed my life, helping me shape my mindset and find my love for real estate. With this new motivation, I worked hard at my day job to pay off my student loans while saving enough money to purchase my first property in the heart of Vancouver.

As I continue to learn and understand the real estate market, I find I have a passion in helping clients navigate the convoluted process that is real estate in order to buy a home. I achieve this through my dedication to communication and transparency.


Welcome home to the city of Vancouver, WA.

My Beliefs

To be a provider of great communities worth living in, businesses worth owning and paving a pathway for our children.

Financial Freedom

Plan my life in a way where I no longer have to worry about money and provide me time to spend with my friends and families.

Wealth Building

To build my business enough to bless my family and I with trips, great foods, and celebrations without worrying about money.

Invest in Your Future

I invest time in my clients as we grow together and prepare our cities to be great for generations.

Work-Life Balance Improvement

To improve my work and lifestyle continuously, so I wake up refreshed and ready to work providing me with time to enjoy with my friends and families.

Property Development

To grow our cities to the point where people from all over the world will want to visit or live here.

For the Love of Real Estate

Because I love real estate and understand how free, lucrative, work-life balance, personal development, professional development and an abundance of blessings it can give me.

Coming Soon…

In 2018, I will be servicing Portland Metro

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